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"The strong black woman.........."

"you can take anything..........."

"you always handle everything and make it look so easy.........."

"Mommy i need......."

But what about at the end of the night.

when the kids are sleep and the day is done.

the thoughts swimming in your mind and the voices you hear, reminding you of the day's missteps

the tears that fall from being tired, hurt, angry or confused. knowing that no matter what you have to push through it all anyway.

but then what....... what do you do with those feelings, thoughts, and energies? shove them down and keep moving?

NO! Its only a matter of time before there's no more room left and the overflow begins...........

For many years i have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. i finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. So i created Confessions of  Goddess.

I, your RoseGold Goddess, am here to help guide you through these rough spots and to celebrate you during the awesome ones. No i don't know it all and i'm not a clinical professional. but i know a little about a lot. and i know some really awesome people who know even more. they will also help us along wit tips, insight and a fresh perspective .

Here at COG  we "honor the goddess within with honesty" and dig into those issues to see what's really going on. we want to help to solve THOSE issues. we take anonymous letters from fellow Goddesses who are having problems and speak with those who have experience with love, self acceptance, sex, self care and more. we speak on how these things effect us on the most personal levels and seek to heal those parts of us. in telling your story, you will help to heal others. so if we have to scream it out, breathe it out, meditate it out, or talk it out,,,,,, we are going to get it out! only then can we recognize and honor the goddess within. 


      Showing every other Sunday on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube at 8:30 pm Central

        Submit letters:email:

                               @ IG: confessionsofagoddess21

                                   FB: confessions of a goddess 

                                   YT: Confessions of a Goddess

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